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Modesto Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can turn your whole life upside down. Long before a trial, you face missed work because of time in custody, and negative work and family consequences from criminal charges. Bail can be very expensive for an ordinary family without thousands tucked away for emergencies. And then there’s the emotional stress of facing time in prison, steep fines, the loss of a drivers license, life with a criminal record and other results of a criminal conviction. If you’re facing these life-changing penalties, you need competent, aggressive legal representation at the earliest stage possible.

McAllister & McAllister can help. Our Stanislaus County criminal defense attorneys are the most sought after in the area.  We understand how the other side thinks, how they investigate and how they try to win cases — and we can use that information to your advantage. We also know the courts, the judges and the prosecutors in the Central Valley intimately. Our team is highly knowledgeable in DUI/DWI law and has many years of handling these cases, including high profile DUI/DWI cases.

Our Stanislaus County criminal attorneys represent people accused of DWI or DUI in Modesto and Stanislaus County. We can also help with the drivers license suspension hearings that often go along with an impaired-driving arrest. And McAllister & McAllister attorneys help people throughout the Central Valley who are accused of:

  • Vehicular homicide
  • Homicide and assault
  • Weapons and gun crimes
  • Drug offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft crimes

At McAllister & McAllister, we believe that everyone, no matter what the charge, is Constitutionally entitled to a thorough and vigorous defense. Our experience as former prosecutors is invaluable in helping clients to get that defense, because it allows us to comb through the details of the prosecutions case, looking for legal and factual errors that can help you win an acquittal or dropped charges. We will work to have your charges dropped or reduced, get you a fair plea arrangement or win you the best possible result in a trial. Even if you feel your case is hopeless, we will work to reduce or eliminate your charges and the punishments you face.

If you’re facing criminal charges, you need smart, experienced Modesto criminal defense attorneys who are committed to mounting you an aggressive defense. McAllister & McAllister can give you that edge. For a free evaluation of your case, call us today at 1-209-575-4844 or fill out our confidential online consultation form.

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McAllister & McAllister – Criminal Defense Attorneys

Today we live in a world where people need criminal defense attorneys more
than ever – particularly people who consider themselves law-abiding and thus immune from government

For example, at McAllister & McAllister we regularly represent businesses and company executives
who are charged criminally because an accident has occurred in the workplace resulting in injury or death. These do not fit the common conception of a “criminal.”

Lack of familiarity with the criminal system creates many opportunities for making mistakes, such as thinking that by talking with the investigating authorities without counsel one can “clear it up.” The most common problem I have seen is failing to engage a criminal defense attorney at the earliest stage, usually because no one realized that the problem could “go criminal.”

If anyone has any doubts about the kinds of cases that Cal-OSHA brings to the criminal courtroom, peruse the Cal-OSHA newsletter which we have linked to this website.

In today’s climate, criminal defense lawyers are, as one judge wrote,
“necessities not luxuries.”

For you convenience, an intake form as been added to this website so that you can hasten the process of hiring a lawyer.

McAllister & McAllister, Inc., is dedicated to providing our clients with the one-on-one personal attention
that is required to handle your case. As Modesto and Santa Rosa’s premier legal defense firm, we specialize in handling complicated criminal defense matters.

McAllister & McAllister, Inc., believes in an aggressive defense of its clients, with heavy reliance on
thorough investigation. Vigorously defending clients means that we frequently take cases to jury trial.

McAllister & McAllister, Inc., is known as “The law firm that police officers choose when they are in trouble.”

If you need legal representation in the Stanislaus, Merced County area or anywhere in the Santa Rosa area, call or contact us via email to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to serving you.

Areas we serve include:
Stanislaus County, Sonoma County, Merced County, San Joaquin County and Tuolumne County.

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